Simplifying The Kitchen

The need to organize is spreading in our house! This past week we completely organized our kitchen counters. We decided that anything that we don't use at least once a day, or at minimum once a week had no place on the counters and that it needed another home in the kitchen. I love the space we have now for meal prep! It took us less than two hours from start to finish to figure out what to keep versus what gets stored in a cabinet. Next we are going to try to work on the cabinets and the drawers! 


Here's how we reorganized our kitchen counters:

  • Cleared off all counters of appliances we don't use at least once a day or at minimum, once a week
  • Put all of the cookbooks and recipes together for an eventual cookbook shelf in the kitchen
  • Loose recipes gathered will be scanned and stored digitally for tablet devices
  • Created a coffee station for ease-of-use in the morning and weekend afternoons
  • Threw away anything that was not usable, or cluttering up the space
  • Organized loose cooking utensils into a canister for storage

All of this organizing has me thinking of spring. While we are getting freezing fog and rain, I'm looking forward to being able to open up the windows for fresh air. Reorganizing rooms while the weather is colder means we'll have more free time to enjoy the outdoors once spring eventually gets here!