We had an amazing weekend! Friday JB and I took on a mini home improvement project. You see I have these fond memories of sitting around a wooden picnic table in the backyard of my grandmother's old house for elaborate spring family parties. The tables always overlooked her lush, green yard and their peaceful view of the woods behind their home. In an attempt to recreate this family memory, JB and I decided to put together our own wooden picnic table for the holiday meal we were hosting. Suffice it to say, after three mistakes, and more hours than it should have taken... we finally completed the table just as the stars were starting to poke out for the evening on Friday night. I have to say the hard work (mostly by JB) was worth it! 

Saturday I had a family portrait session which went very well! I had the honor of photographing four generations of one client's family for heirloom portraits! Everyone looked happy and I am excited to have played a part in helping them preserve those memories for the little ones to reflect back on when they are older. I'll be sharing more from this session in an upcoming post. 

Finally... Sunday was gorgeous weather and some much needed family time. We had SIX dogs here at the house! My family all brought their dogs and we had a picnic in the backyard. Great food, a lot of laughs at the pups, sunshine, and fresh air! I kept hearing from everyone today that they had a wonderful time, which made all of the table assembly worth it. 


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