Photography: Stay Tuned! Crawl 4 The Cure Photos, Lehigh Valley Family Sneak Peek and More!

The past few weeks have been busy with a lot of activity and I've got a lot of great posts coming up for everyone. Later this week I'll be posting a sneak peek to a recent family session---I can't wait to share some of the photographs on the blog! I'll share one today... because it's just such a great moment between a mom and her daughter that I can't wait to post it. Aren't they so beautiful? Here is a mini sneak peek...

Definitely check back for the sneak peek to the rest of their session!

Also, my brother and I were each drivers in the 2010 Crawl 4 the Cure at Rausch Creek Off-Road park. Justin and I took our one dog with us and I've got some great photos to share from that event. A HUGE thank you to everyone who sponsored us! This event has become very important to my brother and I and we appreciate everyone's support!