2009 Fine Arts and Contemporary Crafts Show - Results!

This past weekend I was a participating artist in the Peddler's Village 2009 Fine Arts and Contemporary Crafts Show. We had beautiful, warm weather and I learned so much from this experience!

I met some wonderful artists who are so talented, and who were kind enough to share some stories and advice with me. Additionally, I was touched by the people who came to visit me at the show and were so supportive!

The show featured a number of interesting and varied artists. Painters, weavers, woodworkers, photographers, and many more displayed amazing talent and incredible pieces during this two day event.

I had some framed pieces in various sizes, as well as matted pieces for sale. In addition to my fine arts work I was selling a number of unique notecards featuring my fine arts images. I received a lot of positive feedback, and it was a great chance to talk with people about art, photography, and cameras. We rearranged the tent, as we were continuously brainstorming different ways to display the work. Here are a few shots of my tent at the show...








Reflecting on this experience, there are a number of things I learned that I would do differently at another fair. I would definitely have a larger body of work, with more pieces that are matted rather than framed. I do not think my tent looked full enough, and this was due to me underestimating what I would need to fill the space. I would also lay everything out differently and have an improved way for hanging work from the side of the tent. A longer table would be beneficial as well. Overall, I think it was a great learning experience.

As for upcoming events, Portrait Day will be here soon, if you would like to learn more please read about it here!