We got hit with the snow storm here and have quite a bit of coverage. I poked my head outside to take a few photos and then retreated indoors on account of the 10-15 degree temperature. I did notice that some birds took shelter on our covered porch, and I saw the tiniest footprints this morning on the armrest of one of my rocking chairs! 


The footprints are so small I almost missed them! I took a quick photograph with my camera phone and then decided it was too cold for additional photography.

I really like the idea of these footprints and have been thinking about them all morning. I keep coming back to this idea that no matter what, you can leave your mark on the world. That even if you don't realize it, your actions may be noticed. This image seemed like a great way to visualize that idea. 

I'm looking forward to organizing my studio office this weekend and planning ahead for the remainder of the month. Hopefully everyone is staying warm! 



Photography Workshop Update

I can't believe it's June already! Time is flying by this summer and it's no surprise as every weekend has been filled with photo sessions, plans, and impromptu get togethers.

I recently had a session with the cutest little newborn! She was so sweet and I've known her mom for a long time. The parents are so happy with the birth of their daughter and I can't blame them since she is adorable!  I've sent them their photos for review so a sneak peek is pending soon here for all of you!

The photography workshop I attended this past weekend was amazing. Not only was it great to get out of state for the weekend but I met a lot of amazing women!  The photography workshop was incredible from learning more about photography to sharing experiences with other people who have similar interests. We also had photo shoots with families as models which gave us all an opportunity to work on technique. 

Here are some of my shots from this weekend...

The first family had a sweet little girl who loved her stuffed bunny rabbit.

The next family was a family of four. The girls had a lot of fun with mom and dad, plus we all got to see a family of geese walking through the park!

This next little girl was actually with a different family and another group of photographers had been assigned to shoot their portraits. Towards the end of all of the sessions I saw her sitting by some of the purses and took a few additional portraits.

And finally, without hesitation, I even have a photo of these little guys...

The workshop was a defining experience. I met talented photographers who are so friendly and welcoming.  The weekend proved to be an incredible experience over all and I'm happy to share my shots on the blog with you, enjoy!


Looking Forward To Spring

Hi everyone! I had a very busy and productive weekend! I finished post-production work on a few portrait sessions and I'm excited to ship the final result to the families. I think they will be so excited!

I also had a few moments this weekend to reflect on the fact that spring is approaching. I'm excited for warmer weather because I enjoy hiking, photographing, and spending time outdoors with my dogs.  While I've enjoyed capturing a few winter shots for my portfolio over the past few months---it will be nice to immerse myself in the warmer weather.

It looks like there is a chance I may be participating in a few arts festivals this summer. Once I have the final details I will post the information here.  Additionally, I may be offering fine art prints for sale on other sites---once I have more information I will update the blog.

Finally, since warmer days are just around the corner, I wanted to post some work that I shot last summer...




Hang in there, the weather will warm up soon---hopefully everyone had a great weekend!