Drawing & Studio Hours

I previously created original illustrations of my dogs and turned one of them into a print. I'm thinking a set of these would look nice framed on the wall. Drawing is something that I love to do, but after spraining my ankle a couple of months ago, I have been finding it difficult to carve out studio time. And whether it's drawing, painting, writing, photography, etc., I'm always excited to work on a new commissioned piece or freelance assignment. In order to facilitate these and other personal projects, I'm going to figure out a new set of studio hours that works with my schedule so that I have additional time to work.  

I plan on revisiting the other two illustrations (not shown) to see if I can find a color scheme that I like for the set. I also need to figure out where I would like to hang them, as that will determine the size and framing I will need. 

FREE Desktop Wallpaper: Yesterday I posted a new type of post and I received a lot of positive feedback. I offered one of my photographs as a free downloadable digital wallpaper. Click here to see the wallpaper and view file sizes. And finally, I usually love winter, but this frigid, single-digit temperature we've been having here in PA has me wishing for spring! All of this inspired the theme of the wallpaper, enjoy!