I took these two photos within two weeks of each other. One is my footprint, and the other is a footprint of my one dog. I noticed it when I was going through my photographs from the holidays and the last few winter storms we've had. I'm not really sure what it is about these two images, but I keep coming back to them. There isn't really anything spectacular about them, it's more about what they mean to me. 

I took each photograph from roughly the same perspective and I like the idea of looking at them side-by-side. I cropped them a bit for this post so they would display next to each other. In our home we are dog people, and maybe together this is what these two images mean to me. We love and care for our dogs and we see them as part of the family. Sometimes I think it's interesting when a photo lends itself to an idea, instead of a traditional portrait. I just really liked the thought of of these two images as a post and wanted to share!