My Dogs Love Snow

My dogs love snow. Well, most of them do, with the exception of the little guy (not shown) who selectively loves snow. I think he would prefer hugs, treats, and the warmth of the fireplace to playing in the snow. But my other two love it, and I often have to bribe them with treats to come inside. Sometimes they almost seem to be invigorated by it and start running around like it is the best day ever. Favorite snow activities include: eating snow, running around in snow, sticking their faces in snow, standing on the snow-covered picnic table, rolling around in snow, and sniffing the snow. They also seem to like posing for cameras. That probably has almost nothing to do with the treats I give them while the camera is in use. 

I love snow too, but I think I'll be happy to leave the negative temps of the "polar vortex" behind.