Seed Inventory

Last year I felt that my garden was pretty unspectacular compared to the year before when it was featured on another blog. This year I feel the itch to think about my two garden beds differently. Instead of growing two beds full of vegetables, I am thinking I may grow lavender and cut flowers in the one bed, and some different vegetables in the other. Possibly potatoes! 

As I was taking inventory of the seed I have, I realized I really don't have a good way of organizing my gardening supplies or my seeds. I would love to hear ideas on how everyone is currently doing this. Where do you store your seeds and how do you store them? If you don't mind sharing, I would love to know! 

Additionally, are you on Pinterest? To get excited for this year's garden I have created a board over on Pinterest titled In The Garden. I have been using it to collect ideas and inspiration for my garden this year. I have so many things I would like to do!