Simplifying Dinner

JB and I have heavy work schedules during the week and so it can feel like a challenge to get dinner made and on the table in under thirty minutes. We sometimes do the takeout thing but lately we've been making more of an effort to eat at home. Even on the weekends there is nothing better than already knowing dinner is covered.

And truthfully? I just don't want to spend a lot of time during the week and on the weekends cooking or in the supermarket. I want to spend more of my free time doing the things I enjoy, like studio work. So we've been experimenting with different ways to make this easier on us. 

So here is a peek into my can see the makings of a frittata and spaghetti in this photo. 


Basically, we prepare one large recipe and freeze the components of that recipe. We do this sparingly because you do use some plastic freezer bags and we want to be kind to the environment. But at the same time, on those nights when you are exhausted it is great to have homemade spaghetti sauce, or vegetables already chopped up for a frittata. I am trying to do this with recipes that require the same amount of effort to cook once regardless of the volume I'm making. I had never thought of cooking this way, but it makes sense, saves time at dinner, reduces the time we spend in the supermarket, and is more economical than takeout. Having a homemade meal beats the all too routine takeout any day! 

This is one way we've already been trying to simplify and enjoy our time more in the new year. I was inspired when I saw this post on Lifehacker. I will say that the spaghetti sauce tastes just as good as if I had made it from scratch that evening. And last night we made the frittata, and it was delicious!