Happy New Year

We welcomed 2014 in our home by enjoying a cozy day watching movies while the dogs slept. Our family is also celebrating a birthday this week so I will be baking, lighting candles, and enjoying some additional quality time before declaring that the holiday season is officially over. 

While home over the holidays, I was playing around with a few lenses, and I think the dogs thought I was being a bit intrusive! Here are a few photos...


For my photo friends out there, while I photographed the dogs in a recent snow storm with a 24-70 mm lens, the photos here were taken with a 50 mm lens.

There has been a lot to reflect on from 2013, and I keep coming back to what I would like to focus on in the new year. For me, the idea of a 52-week challenge, or a "one thing a day" type of initiative seems exciting. I've latched on to these ideas because I have so many things I would like to attempt and experience in the coming months and breaking goals down into manageable mini tasks makes the overall goals more achievable. I've been reflecting on what I would like to focus my attention on and plan on sharing my ideas and progress over the next couple of months---to be shared here of course! For now, I'm just excited to wish everyone a very Happy New Year!