Today I worked on a garden photography project, which I'll hopefully have more information about that to share very soon!  In the meantime, I am happy to see that our green peppers and hot peppers are really growing nicely. I've been a little worried about our garden in this heat but some of the plants seem to be doing really well. It might be time to look for some pepper recipes! Keep reading below for some garden photo tips!


For anyone who would like to take photographs in their own garden, the photographs were taken in the morning light, fairly early. I set my ISO low, used an f2.8 aperture and metered on the vegetables. To focus on the subjects yet compose them so they were off-center I changed my autofocus points in the camera depending on my subject. I did use evaluative metering because I wanted to get a good exposure of the foliage surrounding the vegetables as well.

In most cases my subject was backlit, but if I wanted a specific composition and the sun was too harsh on the subject I positioned myself in between the sun and my subject to create a more favorable condition for taking the photograph.

If you aren't used to changing so many variables just try using one of the techniques and see how it works for you. Sometimes even just one change can help you to see your images in a whole new way!


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