What I Almost Missed On My Way Back From Lunch - Roadside Photographs

Sometimes while JB and I are driving to or from somewhere I'll spot something during our travels and either wish I had my camera, or wish that I had asked him to stop the car so that I could investigage further. It's best just to say that something catches my eye. It could be anything... the way the light is hitting a particular scene, a color, it doesn't matter because it's completely at random. 

If I'm feeling particularly resolute, I will just blurt out that he should stop the car and I'll usually hop out with camera in hand before the engine has even stopped. 

Very recently this happened again and I'm glad I asked him to pull over! I enjoy the little things in life so much and feel that there are amazing things waiting to be discovered every day. On this particular day it was a small group of ants that were milling around in a huge field of gorgeous yellow flowers down by a local stream. The thing is, you can't really enjoy this type of moment traveling at 35 mph.  

Here are a few more photographs of the roadside army of ants...