Photo Tips For Your Holiday Weekend

Almost every day on twitter I will post a photo tip that can be used or shared to help people who are interested in improving their photographs.  For the holiday today, I've pulled together a list of some of my tips, enjoy!

Photo Tip: Always carry a camera with you. Something amazing could happen when you least expect it.

Photo Tip: Use your surroundings, architectural elements make great framing & composition in photos. Think windows, doorways, & arches!

Photo Tip: For something different try creative adjustments to photos, such as monochrome, vignette, textures, color saturation & more

Photo Tip: Try photographing from the eye level of your children or pets!

Photo Tip: overcast days create beautiful soft natural light ideal for taking photos of your family and friends

Photo Tip: Try taking photos of things reflected in the world around you - a scene reflected in water/glass/metal/sunglasses--get creative!

Photo Tip: For nature photos, try looking for patterns in nature: wood grain, clouds, water, light, and rocks--make intriguing images!

Photo Tip: For beautiful flower shots try diffused light. Also try backlit flowers for a nice glow. Keep an eye on highlights & shadows!

Photo Tip: Look for backgrounds with interesting colors for fun portrait backdrops.