Rainy Autumn Weather

We've been having a lot of rainy autumn weather lately. I've been trying to get out to shoot as much as possible but I have also been under the weather lately and having to stay inside to recouperate. 

Here are five tips for photographing in the rain:


  1. Look for color, as everything seems to be more saturated while it is raining or just after a storm. 
  2. Reflections can also make really interesting or surreal photographs, try looking for compositions that make great use of wet surfaces. 
  3. Rain-proof your camera. This will depend on your comfort level and how hard it is raining. For myself, my camera has a somewhat weather resistant body, so I'll make due with an umbrella, or plastic covering, etc. You can even buy a rain cover for your camera.
  4. Raindrops can make interesting patterns, or enhance your subject. Consider this when selecting what to photograph. 
  5. Head out right after it rains - if you head out quickly enough you can still catch rain soaked landscapes and dramatic skies. 


For additional inspiration, check out these pages:

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