The Fortune Cookie Images Project - Messages About Life In Photographs From Cookies

I am announcing a new personal photo project. As some of you know I collect fortune cookie fortunes. I have so many and they are all perfectly preserved behind plastic frames in my kitchen. If you remember, I posted a few new ones last week. Photographing them and posting them online has been something I've done casually for years. However, I've decided to start photographing them with different and varying backgrounds. Once I have an image I like, I will be adding them to the gallery devoted to the fortune cookie images project here at the site. 

I find the messages from fortune cookies to be at times, funny, irreverent, as well as surprisingly poignant depending on what life has thrown my way. It is my hope that by photographing the messages with varying backgrounds and out of context from the cookie, that others will see meaning, feel inspired, get a chuckle, or maybe have their own interpretation entirely. I want others to find a connection that appeals to them in the images, or at least to enjoy them for what they are---messages about life from a cookie.

More to come!