Reflecting On The Week - Autumn Is On It's Way

Some weeks just feel more hectic than others. This week I had a few projects on my plate, a few meetings, and some artwork that needed finishing. All in all though I feel happy and content that it is now the weekend. One of the things I'm pretty excited about is a painting I completed for the Baum School of Art gala this month. 

To reflect on the week, I put together some random thoughts of things I'm excited about: 

  • Autumn is almost here, I can feel it in the cool air and it's been a pleasure to have the windows open this week!
  • I am excited to contribute a painting for sale to raise money for the art school at the gala event this month.
  • Rumors that new Canon might be releasing new camera bodies
  • The new issue of Art in America looks pretty good, I haven't read through it all yet but so far I'm loving this issue.
  • The dogs seem to be done shedding!
  • I can't wait for fall flavored/themed coffee...
  • Autumn photography, my favorite time of year! (Macro shots, portraits, autumn colors, hikes in the woods, and more!)

The seasons seem to be on the cusp of changing and there are so many more things I'm excited about. What are you looking forward to?