My World Towards Color - Chasing Color Leads To Little Discoveries

I love black and white photography. It is one of the most beautiful forms of art in my opinion. To take a moment in time and render a scene in black & white just has a magical feel to the whole process. Back in college when I was first studying film photography and hand printing techniques in the darkroom, I remember watching a print develop and feeling like I was a part of something special. When you take someone's portrait and the image reflects a timeless emotion in black and white, to me that seems like perfection in a photograph. 

So it's definitely a twist for me to be obsessed with color lately. I find myself thinking about it constantly. Combinations of color, vibrant colors in nature, even coordinating colors in portraits. While I've always given color special consideration in photography, I've been focusing on it as a project by itself. I'll find myself stopping suddenly to admire a burst of color along the side of the road, or maybe the deep rich tones in a book. The colors found in fabrics, foods, nature & architecture seem to be a new obsession lately. Each time I notice something it feels like I'm rediscovering it for the first time. I might need to focus more on this in a side photography project. But for now...

The vibrant orange/yellow color of the flowers drew me in, but then I also discovered the little drops of water. It seems that chasing colors can actually lead to these little discoveries. I find that my most favorite colors to photograph are vibrant reds, oranges, yellows and blues. It might be one of the reasons that Autumn is my favorite season to photograph.

What are your favorite colors to photograph?