It's Not the Camera - It's the Person Behind that Lens

When you are trying to motivate yourself to be creative, it's easy to get trapped into a line of thinking where you believe that if you had better tools to work with then you could finally create something. "If only I had that paint," or "if only I had that camera," a better studio, etc. It is easy to talk yourself out of being creative when really it's better to just get to it.  In some ways this is just another form of procrastination or fear taking hold that you cannot create work with what is available to you.  This happens to me occasionally as well, but then I remember I just have to trust my instincts and use what I have available to me to create.  Sometimes people feel limited by their tools and do not create anything at all.  I think it is more important to create something with what you have on hand, than to avoid it altogether.

I always like to tell students, friends, and patrons that I believe it isn't the tools you use to create your work, but rather the way you interpret the materials you have on hand to create your vision.  I really believe that.  I've taught photography classes and have helped to coach people on getting great images from their point & shoot cameras and their DSLRs.  Typically what makes an image interesting is how the person chooses to represent what they see through that lens. 

They take in the scene, and then they choose the composition. The camera is a tool that helps them create.

Here is a portrait of a friend of mine that I shot using my point and shoot Canon...

Here is another that was taken with my DSLR...

Both images convey my style of shooting portraits, yet two entirely different types of cameras were used to capture the moment. 

Another way to look at this would be to check out these photos that came from the Fukushima Power Plant in Japan.  Photojournalist Kazuma Obara used SLR cameras to capture the images because he was able to get them past security.  In the end, the tools you need are the tools that will help you achieve your vision---they are the tools that will help you get the job done.

Create something new every day!