What I'm Reading This Summer

I draw inspiration from many places: websites, blogs, magazines, music, and books. I love to read and continuously learn about photography, but I also work in other formats too so my bookshelf extends beyond just the subject of photo.  Today I'd like to share my sources of inspiration this summer because I have had a number of people ask me what I've been into lately.  Here is a list of what I've been checking out within the past month or so:

Blue Canvas Magazine Issue 9 - Admittedly I have a subscription to Blue Canvas.  I discovered this magazine during one of my regular Saturday trips to Barnes and Noble for coffee and reading.  The magazine highlights emerging artists.  The colors, interviews, and even the paper used for the magazine make it a pleasure to flip through.  I really enjoyed the Marcos Rey and Jonathan Callicutt interviews.  I find reading about other emerging artists to be inspiring and always gives me something new to look forward to reading.

Juxtapoz Magazine August 2011 - I picked up this issue because of the intriguing graffiti cover photo by Craig Costello. I am fascinated by street artists and street writers so I couldn't resist picking this up to check out the multi-page featured spread in this issue.



Communication Arts 2011 May/June Illustration Annual - Communication Arts is one of those publications that has been around a while and I've been reading it off and on for years.  I'm hoping to pick up the July/August Photography Annual when I get the chance.




Some other publications I frequently read are: Popular Photography, Outdoor Photographer, and Shutterbug. If you find any of these to be a great addition to your reading list, or if you have something awesome to share from your reading list, I'm always open to checking out new material---drop me a line in the comments below.