Will I Like My New Glasses? Breaking Routine And Fostering Creativity

I got new glasses today! But first let me back up to this morning.

Today was an interesting day.  I woke up earlier than usual and then I realized the dog threw up on the floor while I was in the shower.  Gross? I thought so too.  Then I sat down to work on some artwork in the studio but something already felt off about the day and I didn't have a lot of time before my long overdue eye appointment.  (I'm not one of those people who can blithely claim that contacts are a breeze, nor am I the type of person who enjoys having eyedrops.)

All in all the eye appointment took a little while... because I had narrowed down my selection of glasses to two pair.  I kept going back and forth on which one worked better, and both were a new look for me.  Ultimately, I had to pick a pair and hope that I wouldn't have buyer's remorse later. This all seems very simple, but the process of doing this really helped to push me forward with a lot of ideas I've had lately for the blog. 

With the glasses I felt intimidated.  I wanted to step out of my routine and get something new.  I wanted something completely different from my last pair. I kept wondering if I would like the look, and most of all, if I would be just as happy with the new pair---they are on your face after all.  On the way home I realized this is how I've felt about my blog for a while.  I've wanted to move in a direction that would show more of my work in progress, share what inspires me to create work, write about other talented artists, and most of all provide inspirational tools and tips to help others with their own creativity.  I've been trying this on over on twitter with my Photo Tip a day. I want the blog to continue to grow and move forward.

I've decided to include more posts related to my passion for creating artwork, and what inspires me. I see potential for readers to use this blog as a fun resource for discovering different artists as I discover them, inspiring their own creativity as they follow my journey, and all of us feeling empowered to surround ourselves with art that reflects expression. In the spirit of some of the work I've been doing at the art school, this addition to the blog feels organic to me. I'd love for everyone to be able to share what inspires them and what fuels creativity in the comments section. I'd like to know what makes you feel creative. For me it is people, animals, nature, music, and new experiences!

In the end, I ended up choosing one pair of glasses over another.  I now love them, and can't wait to pick them up.  I want to start wearing them right away!  Change can be intimidating but also incredibly exciting, and I'm looking forward to all of it!

Additionally, if you are looking for new desktop wallpaper, one of my photographs was selected for Smashing Magazine's Monthly Wallpaper feature.  It includes artists from all over the world, and is free to download. Take a look and you might find something new for your desktop!

Sights of Summer - Smashing Magazine Desktop Wallpaper Calendar for Augus