Michelle Bodamer Photography - Memorial Day Weekend Carnival!

JB and I decided to meet up with some friends at a local carnival in the area. I had this super embarrassing moment where we all decided to play a dart game. The object of the game is to break a balloon and win a prize. Unfortunately I have horrendous aim and when I tried to hit the balloon with my dart, it flew out of control and hit the middle of a poster close to the ceiling of the booth. I was so embarrassed but we had a huge laugh over it.

We walked around for a bit, and then JB won all of us some candy at the "Wheel of Candy" table. There was a huge fireworks show, and then the evening was capped off with a ferris wheel ride. All in all we had a blast! Here are a few photographs from the carnival...

In these photos I had set a high ISO since it was already so dark, and in some photographs I used a slower shutter speed in order to get some fun motion blur with the people walking around and some of the lights on the rides. In other photos I chose a faster shutter speed to get a clearer image of everything that was going on around us. If you get the chance try taking some photographs at a carnival with family or friends this summer!