Nature Photography: Autumn Color from the Adirondack Mountains

A few weeks ago I went to the Adirondack mountains for a little time off to enjoy nature and to brainstorm my thoughts for next year. While I was there, I saw some beautiful color which I've decided to share here on the blog because I've noticed the color back at home has not been spectacular this year. I guess the weather played a part in the lackluster autumn leaves and I'm feeling a bit cheated! Every year I look forward to autumn photographs and this year I just feel fortunate that I caught some color while I was away in New York and Canada. 

Above are some shots I took around Heart Lake, NY. I hiked around the lake this time, while a few years ago I had done the hike to the top of Mt. Jo. There are a few more photographs that I'll upload over the next couple of posts so that you can share in the spirit of autumn too. 

Autumn always inspires me because the transition from one season to the next is so dramatic. The weather starts to feel moodier, the colors of the trees are vibrant, and the air feels crisp with the promise of winter. The inspiration I draw from this season carries over into almost everything I do. I feel excited to experiment with my camera, to finally work on illustration ideas I've been sitting on all summer, to paint, and I even feel motivated in the kitchen. (A week ago I baked some pumpkin bread on a whim while enjoying the fall air through the open windows of our home.) 

This season supplies me with creative invigoration, which fuels and influences almost every project I'm currently working on or dreaming up for my to do list. More images are on their way---in the meantime share your favorite season below and how you feel it inspires you creatively. Enjoy the weather, it's perfect for: firepits, visits to the local orchard, photography & hiking, hayrides, baking, and outdoor festivals!