Custom Photography: Higher Quality for Your Heirloom Family Memories

I have many clients who rave about their custom family photo sessions, which makes me so proud to have participated in capturing this special moment in their lives. Often my service extends well beyond the session itself to the unique and custom processing of each of their images. Everything is handled with care, and I pride myself on high quality images.

Occasionally, we receive questions about custom photography versus chain photography. People are researching options for family photographs and want additional information on why custom photography is a better choice for their family portraits.

One of the best reasons I can think of is that your family portrait sessions will become heirlooms. Images that are very precious to your children of their time as a child and their time spent with you. You want these photographs to be the highest quality possible and they should reflect the unique beauty and personality of your family. 

Here is an excellent third-party article that discusses the higher level of quality and service you receive with a custom photography session:

Learn more about custom photography

Particularly interesting is the section titled "APPLES to ORANGES to BANANAS", which explains some of the differences between a chain studio and custom photographers.

I wanted to post this because my own family photographs are so important to me, and I cherish the photographs that show our personalities, laughter, tender moments, and memories the most. For this I'm thankful that a majority of the heirloom images that my family has are beautiful candids of our time spent together as a family.

Here are some images from a recent newborn session I photographed for a wonderful family...

Look at her sweet face as she rests against mom's shoulder...

I spent a lot of one-on-one time with this family to ensure that I captured the special details of their family.  High-quality, heirloom photographs are a wonderful way to capture your family's special bond.