Pet Photos - Tips & Tricks!

Everyone knows that I love dogs! But I also love to photograph them and capture their cute faces. So here are my top five tips for photographing your pet:

1. Entice them to pose with treats. Dog biscuits, a piece of cheese, whatever they like, break it up into little pieces and you can bribe them to pose.

2. Find flattering light. Set yourself up for a great shot by bringing them to a spot in the house that has soft flattering light.

3. Remove other distractions. You will have more success getting the shots you want if you photograph them at a time of day when it is quiet and their attention is all on you.

4. Look for action shots. If they have a favorite bone or toy, getting them to play with this and then shooting photographs of them in action can lead to some really cute pictures.

5. Position yourself on their level.  Getting down to their level helps you see the world through their eyes and will also help you get a flattering portrait.

Here are some recent shots I took during an impromptu session one afternoon...


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