Philadelphia Comic Con 2010!

Justin and I decided to attend the 2010 Philadelphia Comic Con because we love pop culture and it seemed like a great opportunity to meet some people, check out some artists, and spend a fun afternoon in the city.  This year's comic con was huge, there were so many people at the convention center and the list of celebrities seemed endless. The list featured Patrick Stewart, Linda Hamilton, Adam West, James Marsters, Bruce Campbell, and many more!

We spent about 6-7 hours overall at the event and it was a lot of fun.  We met James Marsters who was really nice and he signed an autograph for me. We wanted to see Bruce Campbell but the line for pictures and autographs was closed. However, when we were sitting and having a snack he walked by us while we were eating. Additionally a lot of attendees showed up in costume and posed for photographs throughtout the day. 

Patrick Stewart signs an autograph for a fan.

Ernie Hudson smiles as he is greeting fans.

Ghostbuster fans pose for photographs. Look at these detailed costumes!

Graphic novels for sale.

Star Wars fans in costume.

Back to the Future for charity. They were storing donation money in the "Mr. Fusion" on the car!

Brent Spiner talks with a fan.

Clare Kramer and James Marsters signing autographs for fans. I was so excited to see this photo, at one point I handed the camera to Justin and showed him a few things on the fly, and I think he did an awesome job! He got this shot of Clare and James while I was standing in line!

Justin rummaging for X-men graphic novels.

John de Lancie greets fans.

Bruce Campbell walks by while we are having lunch, fans in the background turn to catch a look.

We run into Adam who is also looking for some books. Another of Justin's shots, I really like this profile of Adam!

Justin took this nice shot of Ernie posing for photographs.

To relax afterwards we walked over to the Reading Terminal Market and treated ourselves to some ice cream from Bassetts, which has been making ice cream for over five generations!