Family Photographs - Point & Shoot Tips

Many of you may have special family outings that you would love to remember well after they are over. You may decide to hire a photographer for special occasions, or in others may feel that you would like to just capture the moment with your point and shoot camera.

Maybe you love the photos you've taken, or maybe you feel there is room for improvement. Never fear! Here are some tips you can use with a point and shoot that will immediately improve your results.

Here are five tips that will help you breathe new life into your photographs...

  1. Tell a story. You know your family, if you know that your kids like to play dress up, or have fun family traditions, have your camera ready and take plenty of pictures through all of their stages of play. This will give you plenty of images to choose from later.
  2. Avoid flash glare. If you are using the flash on your camera, avoid windows and/or mirrors in the background of your shot.  They will reflect the flash and create a glare that will ruin your photograph.  If you cannot avoid the window/mirror take your photograph from an angle so that the glare is not as prominent.
  3. Get closer. Move closer or use the zoom on your camera to fill the frame with your subject. This will create a more interesting image.
  4. Watch your settings. Think about what you want to photograph ahead of time and select an appropriate camera setting for your subject.
  5. Set the stage for personality. Help the subject feel at ease and encourage their personality. Your images will really pop with interesting expressions and action.

Additionally, here is a great article from for point and shoot tips on photographing families.

Remember, one of the cool things about your digital point and shoot is that if you don't like the image you can try again and see immediate results, good luck!


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