Kisses, Smooches, Pucker Up!

My wedding anniversary is on February 14th, yup, Valentine's Day. My husband and I celebrated with a hibachi lunch and a date at the movies. I'll admit, I love a good love story, or even the love shared within families. And when I photograph families, some of my favorite shots are the few that I sneak in of mom and dad, parents and children, or the couple that is about to have a baby---all sneaking a smooch when they think I'm not shooting. Here is just a sampling of some of my favorite shots...

I was inspired to post this after seeing that PopPhoto ran a Valentine's Day Kiss Contest, some of the photos sent in by viewers were beautiful! It's always amazing to see the love and affection we share for the special people and pets in our lives!


PS: If you are looking for portraits of yourself, loved ones, or even a family pet, now is a great time to reserve a portrait session for Spring 2010! Contact me.