The Big Snow - Photos and More!

For anyone living locally, we got hit with a lot of snow this weekend. I stayed indoors mostly, except for when the snow storm ended I did grab my camera and went out in the snow to take some photographs! We also got some cute pictures of our smallest dog playing in the most snow he's ever seen.

This is an image of a snow-covered grate at a local historical location. I loved the way the snow had blown across the grate and settled with these little peaks. This image can also be viewed with other recent winter photography on the thing-a-day blog.

Here are some of the shots of my little guy in the snow...

I hope everyone enjoyed the snow as much as he did!


Now registering for February's Photography 1-2-Click! class. We had great attendance at the last class and a lot of compliments on class content and group exercises. If you would like to learn more about photography and/or your camera register for the next class on 2/27! We're also developing new class content so stay tuned!