Jeff Daniels Jeep Show!

As a lot of you know, I own a Jeep and I think it's a great versatile vehicle for all of my photography and hiking trips. I can pack a lot of gear into it, put the sun roof back, and take it off road if I want to drive to a site to photograph in any type of weather. Today Justin and I went to the Jeff Daniels Jeep show.  It's free to attend, and costs a minimum fee to enter your Jeep into one of the classes to win an award. I brought my camera to document the day and we had a great time!


I thought this little girl pretending to polish her Jeep power wheels in front of the show Jeep was priceless!

I found all of the spare parts for the various types of Jeeps that are built fascinating. Everywhere you looked you saw something interesting and unique.

I've seen this before, but it never gets old!


I took this shot only because of the dog stickers!


I loved the dichotomy between the little toy Jeep on the bumper of the larger off-road vehicle.

They had a local group of vietnam veterans who had a helicopter on display in addition to older Jeeps and a tent where they were making custom dog tags. Of course I had to sit in the Jeep and get my own dog tag! (Justin did too!) All proceeds from the dog tags went to support the vets.


Inside the garage at Jeff Daniels...

An additional shot inside the garage...


Rausch Creek Off-Road Demo



This Jeep lost a tire during the off-road demo and another Jeep had to pull it out of the mud. Pretty amazing!

Additionally, on October 17th, the NJ Jeep Association is sponsoring the "Crawl for the Cure".  This is an off-road event at Rausch Creek to benefit the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation as well as the American Cancer Society.  Justin and I are hoping to register for this event, it looks like it will be a lot of fun and benefits a good cause! Check out the link for more info!