Holga Photography

Recently I've been reading about Holga photography a lot. It's the complete opposite of the type of digital work that I shoot. When I shoot portraits, events, or fine art work I shoot with high end digital equipment. However, my bachelors degree includes traditional photography techniques including film photography.

When I discovered Holga photography, it seemed like an excellent way to shoot creatively with professional film using a unique camera. To dial it back to the basics, and also, to feel a certain sense of nostalgia for my undergraduate film photography work.

So I bought myself a Holga camera. It's akin to a toy camera, with very basic settings. You can photograph in color or black and white, using 35mm or medium format film.  Due to the nature of the camera you can get interesting effects on your images.  You can also double expose the film easily, and perform a variety of creative techniques.  What you surrender in control, you make up for in unique images.

Here is a photograph of my Holga...


The goal of incorporating this into my equipment, is to use my photography experience and knowledge to create unique and compelling fine arts images. To have fun, to experiment, and to produce something with a creativity and a life of its own. 

Using this camera, I went and shot a roll of color film, and a roll of black & white. I am very pleased with the results. Here are a few images from my sessions...

Green Lane at sunset


A portrait of Meg


Oars at sunset


Stormy travel - double exposure

It is my aim to continue to pursue this creative project and to have more to share with you soon. I hope that you enjoyed looking at these images as much as I enjoyed creating them.