Weather & Photography

When you are a photographer, weather can play a role in your work in a variety of ways. Sometimes amazing shots are created in less than ideal conditions. Or you could have a portrait session with a threat of rain, but end up with the most beautiful shots as a result of the diffused light in the sky and the delicate drops of rain.

Recently, we had a huge, and surprising hail storm in the area where I live. It came on suddenly and was so loud you could barely hear yourself speak.  I was not in a position at the time to photograph this event, but I did steal away to a window to see the nickel-sized hail pelting the trees, buildings, and ground. It was unbelievable.

There is a great photographer who takes pictures of extreme weather phenomena. His name is Jim Reed and Popular Photography did an online feature of him back in May. His shots are stunning, and I love looking at the photographs he has taken of turbulent weather conditions. Check out his work!

Some of my favorite work that I have photographed has been shot during or right after snowfall in very cold conditions. I really believe that sometimes the less than ideal conditions challenges us to think and shoot more creatively!