Abstract Series

One of the things I like to do is to continue to push myself to try new things and new experiences. This applies to my art as well. Periodically, I will get an idea to photograph something within my environment that departs from anything I've photographed in the past. Whether it is a realistic interpretation of what I am seeing or a more creative and unique perception.

I recently photographed a series of fine arts images that have explosive color. I really enjoyed this process and may continue to explore the way the light and materials played off of each other to form colorful compositions. 

In the photographs below, you are looking at different liquids and other materials.  Individually the materials I used for the subject were not that spectacular, but combined, form something unique and interesting. The liquids form a heterogeneous mixture---they never seem to become one. I feel this mirrors our own internal conflicts, and yet when you put the sum of the materials together, they form something beautiful. Essentially, something beautiful and positive from a conflict. Or at least, that is the concept that inspired me. Because this intrigues me, I will continue to pursue additional abstract photographic images like these, as a means of expressing emotion.

For now here are a few of the first completed photographs...





Additionally, I am looking forward to an opportunity this weekend to showcase some of my work at a private networking event. I am also excited to photograph a few other events this weekend as well. Things have been busy, but rewarding.

I hope that everyone is having a great week!  :)