New Medium for Fun

Hello everyone, I hope this is turning out to be a great week for everybody. The weekend was fantastic, and we had the best weather. Not only did I get a lot of post production work completed for portrait sessions, but I received some nice compliments on this website as well as inquiries for new sessions. So that was exciting!

Additionally, for fun, I had the chance to try a new artistic medium with a few friends. We went for an intro to glass blowing class which turned out to be amazing.

Here are a few shots from this experience...

This is a shot of the glass getting heated, the temperature inside is over 2,000 degrees!

Here is a shot of one of the glass flowers. The colors are more vivid once the glass cools.

This is a great shot of the instructor demonstrating the process of pulling the glass into the desired shape.

This is a shot of the glass flower I made. The stem is being heated to smooth out any sharp portions. We are supposed to pick up our pieces this weekend, and I'm pretty excited to see how they turned out!

Overall I had a great time. I still had the opportunity to take some photographs while also observing and learning the basics of this process. It was a great experience and a fun way to spend the afternoon with friends.

I will have some more portrait session shots to share on the blog as soon as post production work is completed. I love how the recent work has turned out, and I'm looking forward to sharing the images with the couples and families I photographed.  :)