Steal the Moment

I hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend! The weather we are having is amazing! Life has been very busy and fun, but I'm also trying to sneak in a few moments here and there for other cool things. One of them, was a concert last week at Moravian College. I love the music of Third Eye Blind and we decided to attend the show.

One of the things I always struggle with, is whether to bring my camera with me everywhere I go. Sometimes I wonder if I am missing out on a portion of what I am doing because I am always looking through a lens. But I came to realize that I believe this enhances my experience of any moment. Photographing and documenting memories while we are living them is my method for expressing my interpretation of that experience. Afterwards, I have photographs that I love to look at to remember the moments.  

The show itself was unbelievable. I've seen Third Eye Blind shows in the past, but I'm always overwhelmed and excited to be a part of such a large group of people that know and love the same music that I do. It's such a great feeling to be a part of a crowd of a thousand people singing all of the words to your favorite songs. Simply incredible.

I wanted to share a few shots that I took at the show...




This is one of my favorite lyrics from a Third Eye Blind song: "You've got to steal the time from a life that's passing by..."

I think this is so true. It's similar to many other sayings and is meant to inspire people to stop and enjoy the key moments in life. I think it's so important to capture moments with photography so that you have something tangible to reconnect with the experiences that inspired you.

In some other news, I'm excited because I recently submitted an application for an arts festival this fall. If I am accepted, I should have more information to post soon. I have been working on processing shots from recent portrait session work, and am happy that I have received new portrait session requests as well! Weekends are booking up fast, and I'm looking forward to a fun spring and summer!

Enjoy the weekend! :)