Rainy Day Photos

I hope everyone had a great weekend! Unfortunately we had some rain, but sometimes I really love the rain, even if it presents itself as an obstacle to whatever you had planned. This past Saturday I had a portrait session scheduled and I had to make it work with the weather. I went to a local college based on the recommendation of a friend and I managed to get great shots! I'm hoping to be able to share those with you on the blog soon. :)

Photographing people I had never met, in a location I had never been to, in the rain, was a challenge. Overcoming those challenges, meeting great people, and coming away from it all successfully was a fantastic feeling. 

Additionally I got to hang out afterwards and photograph one of my friends.  I was shooting some headshots of him and we decided to take some fun creative portraits, enjoy!




I really had a blast! We had a lot of fun exploring the college and taking candid shots, it was definitely a fun Saturday in spite of the rain. :)