Nature Shots & Upcoming Events

Hi everyone! I hope you had a great weekend! The weather is warming up and I was excited that the temperatures reached 60 degrees today!  I went for an additional hike after work today in the woods down by the lake and managed to get a few shots that were kind of fun:  


A group of deer sneak a peek at me through the trees, they allowed me to get fairly close before disappearing into the woods!   I later found their tracks on the trail and captured them in the photo below.


Water pump at sunset. 
Sunset on the trail.
Can I just say I was so afraid to get this close to the geese! They weren't really sure of me either, but I tried to respect their space while also taking this shot of them relaxing in the open field. I love the soft light reflecting off their feathers from the sunset.

Lately I've been hinting at a few upcoming announcements! I'm excited because it looks like I may be participating in at least one arts festival this summer! The details are currently being finalized, but I am scheduled to participate as an artist with work exhibited at my own table in the New Hope Celebrates event on May 16th! I am excited and and happy to have this opportunity and should have additional details soon.

Finally, I'm looking forward to a portrait session I have scheduled for this weekend. I will be photographing a wonderful couple and their adorable son and cute puppy! It should be a fun session!

I hope everyone has a fantastic week and I should have more to post very soon! :)