A Day With The Dogs

Hi everyone! I hope you had the opportunity to spend some time outside on Saturday, we had such great weather! Earlier that morning I made the decision that I was going to head out and enjoy the day. I decided to spend the day in Easton with family and my three dogs. I also brought my camera along to document the pups while they ran off all of the energy I think they have been storing up all winter. They are definitely excited for the warmer weather.

I have been doing a lot of post-production work on some portrait sessions, however, I wanted to share some of the fun shots I took on Saturday with you... 

McKinley looks for a way to get Brody to chase her. 

Brody licks his nose while taking a break from the action.

McKinley is checking out the neighbor's dog.

A portrait of Brody smiling, he is such a happy dog!

Brody takes a break while Indy and McKinley chase each other after lunch.

We definitely had a lot of fun on Saturday and I hope that everyone had the chance to enjoy the beautiful weather! :)