Fun Weekend

Hi everyone! I hope you had a great weekend. Mine was fun, and part of that was a photo session I shot with a cute family! They just had their second son, and I was there to enjoy their company, shoot a portrait session with them, and share a few laughs!

Their son is adorable, and was so great to photograph! I am still in post-production for the images but I wanted to provide a sneak peek from the session... 

He loved looking out of this window, and I caught him giving me a glance when he thought I wasn't paying attention!

Beautiful new addition to the family.

Playing with such enthusiasm, he is having a blast!


There are so many fantastic shots from this session, and I haven't even completed post-production yet! The light on the morning of the shoot was beautiful even though it was cold and drizzling with a little bit of snow. I'm really excited to show the family the rest of the photographs!

Additionally, I am still working on the announcements I mentioned in my previous blog post. Things have been busy but it has been awesome, and I'm hoping to share the details of everything with you here on the blog.   

And finally, someone was kind enough to share with me this morning a photography piece with beautiful images and famous quotes set to music. Sometimes the simplest things can really impact you and give you that minute you need during the day to recharge and approach everything with more enthusiasm! I really believe we should enjoy each day and that is what I love about photography---having the opportunity to capture the unique but amazing moments!  :)