Looking Forward To Spring

Hi everyone! I had a very busy and productive weekend! I finished post-production work on a few portrait sessions and I'm excited to ship the final result to the families. I think they will be so excited!

I also had a few moments this weekend to reflect on the fact that spring is approaching. I'm excited for warmer weather because I enjoy hiking, photographing, and spending time outdoors with my dogs.  While I've enjoyed capturing a few winter shots for my portfolio over the past few months---it will be nice to immerse myself in the warmer weather.

It looks like there is a chance I may be participating in a few arts festivals this summer. Once I have the final details I will post the information here.  Additionally, I may be offering fine art prints for sale on other sites---once I have more information I will update the blog.

Finally, since warmer days are just around the corner, I wanted to post some work that I shot last summer...




Hang in there, the weather will warm up soon---hopefully everyone had a great weekend!