Still Life & Upcoming Session

I wanted to follow up my recent post with a few additional images from the still life session.  I think my favorite part of the session is that the light played such an important role in the mood I feel the photographs evoke to the viewer.  I noticed this light by accident as I was quickly running back and forth putting groceries away and decided to take the opportunity to photograph. As I stated previously, I am happy with the results...

I think the image above has a moody feel to it. The light definitely has its own role to play here within the drama of this photograph. I feel like there is something striking about the crop of the flowers but something mysterious as well cast within the shadows.

The photograph above is such an explosion of color. When I look at this I see a lot of energy and excitement within the lines and shape of the flower which is only punctuated by the intense saturated color.
In this last image, the light and shadows again create drama, but the softness of this photograph seems to imply that you could be dreaming as well.

Additionally, I'm currently scheduled to shoot a mini family portrait session this weekend. I'm very excited to work with the family. It will be fun, and I love looking through all of the shots after a session is complete. I hope to have more on that later!