All Dressed for the Holidays!

One of my portrait families really wanted to do something unique this year for their holiday cards. This mom had a vision of sending a variety of images out to different people instead of just choosing one card and one photograph. So she booked a session and I set out to help her achieve her vision for her holiday cards!

Their love for each other and for their daughter is so incredible. I want to share a sneak peek with you from their session...the "G" family dressed in their holiday best...

Their daughter is so cute with her curly hair and beautiful blue eyes!


I love that she is giggling here while she gets love and kisses from Mom and Dad. I also love how a lock of her hair is curly against her face just like Mom's!

First few steps in her new holiday shoes!


As the holidays come and go, I'm so glad that this family will have these memories to pass down to the next generation. :)