Happy Halloween! *Updated*

Halloween is this Saturday and I want to wish everyone a fun holiday! I received a lot of responses from people telling me they loved the idea of the jack-o-lantern post. Some people wrote in even if they were not carving a pumpkin this year, but I wanted to share a jack-o-lantern I received...

The pumpkin above is carved by Jennifer, a stay at home mom in Pennsylvania. She loved the idea of carving Jasmine and has a 1 year old daughter. The princess theme was a cute one!

I hope that everyone has a fantastic Halloween! I have some great new session photographs to post tomorrow, definitely check it out!


We had a late submission for the jack-o-lantern post, but it is worth it! These photos are from the Crawford family, and shows them carving their pumpkin with their little boy, check it out!



Crawford Family, Warwick PA

Happy Halloween!!!