Show Me Your Jack-O-Lanterns!

Kodak has posted a cool little tips section for parents on taking snapshots of their kids with their point and shoot cameras. Check it out, you may learn a few tips that may help you next week when you want to take pictures of your child in their Halloween costume!

Show Me Your Jack-O-Lanterns!
So I thought it would be fun if everyone sent me a picture of your jack-o-lanterns!  If you send them in via, I will post them in a special blog next Friday for Halloween!  Deadline for submission is Wednesday, October 28th at midnight. Please include your first name, town you live in, and the name or theme of your jack-o-lantern. This information will be used as a byline for your photo.

To help get everyone started, I'll post a photo of a jack-o-lantern I carved at a friend's house last week...

Note: Please submit all Jack-O-Lantern pics via email: 

So join in the fun, and send in your pumpkin pics to show off your carving skills next Friday!