Catch the Moment

Every once in a while you are cruising through your life with things on your mind and then suddenly life hands you a "stop and smell the roses" moment. I was visiting friends in NY up near Lake Champlain and we had just returned from Sam's Club because I had to get my tires balanced before the trip home the next day.

It had been raining, and my friend and I were looking at magazines on the way back to her house. Suddenly, we saw a portion of a rainbow in the sky. It looked incredibly vivid to us, and she suggested we take a 5 minute detour down to the lake to check it out.

I am so glad we did!

As it turned out, the rainbow was one of the brightest, double rainbows I have ever seen. And you could see the whole thing over Lake Champlain with a view of Vermont. It was breathtaking.

I stopped to take a few photographs and a short video. I'm posting the video so that you can feel the scope of the moment, although I feel it still doesn't do it justice.