Give Back

Sometimes it's easy to get pulled in a million different directions as you are moving through life. (Ever feel like this?)  Where you have all of these thoughts and feelings of what you would like to do, but you can never quite find the time. For me, one of them is charity. I enjoy getting involved and helping out with a cause I believe in, as well as finding a new way to connect with people.

Recently, I went to volunteer at an elder care facility. The day was such a rewarding experience!  We donated our time to help clean the living room area of the facility and then spent the afternoon entertaining a few residents with a game.  At the end of one of the games, one couple who lived there stood up to sing. The wife sang, and the husband played guitar. It was so amazing! He stood up there and played a few songs and I was so touched by his spirit. I can tell you I left feeling like I had made a difference to someone else, and had been touched by them in return. It was a beautiful day.

One of my good friends Jennifer Gregorsky, has decided to try to do what she can to help someone else out.  She has organized a fun event for people to spend some quality time doing a fun activity and giving back as well. 



Scrapping for Sierra, will benefit a little girl with a rare genetic condition called Phelan-McDermid Syndrome (22q13 Deletion Syndrome). This event is on November 7th, and will include a craft workshop, silent auction, and don't forget fun!

If you would like to participate please visit her site and click on Scrapping for Sierra!