Baby J turns 1!!!

I love to photograph events!  There are so many aspects of a party that make for a fun photo story just waiting to be captured and retold. All of the party details, the relationships between the hosts and the guests, and of course, the whole reason you are having the party to begin with. In this case... it was for baby J who turned ONE!

Her mother had a blast planning her party and thought of a lot of cute ideas. She realized that she would have too much to do the day of the party to take pictures. That, and she wanted to participate in her daughter's birthday rather than worry about trying to capture every moment.

So I was asked to photograph the event, and I was so excited! The party was a lot of fun, with a few touching moments sprinkled in.  Here are some of the amazing shots from this special day...

Yes there were TWO cakes!!!  :)

Enjoying her cake!

Mom and daughter open gifts

Baby J with her daddy!

Every moment is special, but I'm glad I was invited to be a part of this little girl's first birthday. I hope she looks back at the photos someday and knows how much she is loved!